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Malta Checklist
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The checklist for the perfect holiday
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Sunglasses: Perfect to protect your sensitive eyes from the glare of the sunshine, and especially handy after a long night enjoying the beachside bar scene!
Sunscreen: An extra high SPF rating to guard against nasty sunburn on sensitive skin.
Beach towels: Take a few, it's always easier to have spares.
Bikinis: The same sentiment - the more the merrier! With a few different pairs of swimmers you're able to ensure a better-looking, more-even, all-over tan.
Reading matter: The summer holidays are always an ideal time to get stuck into that book that you've always meant to read, but never had the time.
A sense of adventure!

When it comes to the most memorable summer holidays, there's always more to be experienced with a sense of adventure, a little curiosity about people and place, and an eager and enthusiastic attitude to discover all there is to find about a new destination.

Malta is no exception: a fascinating Mediterranean island nation, a cultural crossroad for centuries, and a fantastic place to immerse yourself in the ultimate summer adventure. Malta offers it all, no matter what catches your fancy. It could be relaxing in Malta hotels, sipping cocktails by the pool or pampering your body and soul in luxury hotel spas. You might be more interested in hiking and exploring the variety of pristine natural settings on which Malta prides itself. It could even be the wonderful beaches, always beckoning with their bountiful charm. For some, it's the chance to try almost any ice-cream or sorbet flavour under the sun, each and every flavour a taste sensation that's all the better when you're catching the melting drips under the sun!

For easy living in summertime, forget about the crush of crowds in Venice, ditch the plans to swelter in the heat in Pairs, and scratch New York hotels from your agenda. In fact, avoid big cities and settle for savouring the small-scale. Malta offers even more than its fair share of enticing villages, refreshing water sport possibilities, and culinary treats to tantalise the taste buds. Discover a better way of life; discover Malta.